New Patients

Currently we are only adding people to a waiting list to join the practice as we are very busy due to the COVID backlog and current restrictions.

If you would like to join our Practice it is very easy.

You do not have to live in the area to register with us, and we do not need your previous records.

Just make an appointment for a new patient check-up by telephoning reception. All new patients are seen as private clients initially and on completion of their Treatment Plan are invited to join our Practiceplan scheme.

At the first Extensive Examination (£88) we do the following:-

  • Check your medical history (Please remember to bring names of any medication you are taking)
  • Discuss your requirements and problems
  • Check all the teeth and mark down all existing fillings and anything needed
  • Do a survey of the gums to check for any plaque, tarter and gum disease
  • Do a check of all of the mouth for cancer or other problems
  • If necessary we usually take 2 bitewings (cost included) and possibly a large scanning X-Ray that shows all the upper and lower jaw and all teeth and sinuses (£60)

From the information gathered we will then make a treatment plan for you tailored to your individual needs, that we then discuss with you.

A printed estimate of all costs will be given to you and then the number of appointments required can be booked.


When you are dentally fit we suggest all new patients look to join our PRACTICEPLAN Scheme to spread the costs of future dental treatment with a convenient monthly direct debit. So when all necessary work is completed then we can sign you up via a computer form. If this is of interest to you please feel free to ask one of the team.

If you are an existing PRACTICEPLAN patient elsewhere and are moving practices then you will need to arrange a final examination with your current dentist who will complete a Transfer form to say you are Dental Fit, or to point out any treatment you may need to have completed before you transfer.

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