We are now fully open again! 

You can call reception to make appointments for check ups, problems or new patients for full assessments.

Dear Patients

We would first like to thank you for your patience at this difficult time during which we were instructed to close by the Department of Health and CQC to help prevent the spread of COVID 19

For the safety of all our patients and staff we have undertaken a comprehensive risk assessment and review of procedures in light of COVID and our new guidelines so many things have changed. Here is a guide of things new for the practice.

  1. ALL appointments should be made over the telephone – no walk in visits are allowed.
  2. There will be a phone triage from the dentist or receptionist where you will be asked questions about your health and Covid – only after this can an appointment be made.  If you call with pain or a problem this means that you will be placed on a triage list and will be called back on the same day for the dentist to triage your needs.  If you have any symptoms or have been in possible contact with COVID in the last 14 days we cannot see you! If you are in serious pain call us, and we can arrange referral to a COVID Urgent Dental Care Centre.
  3. We will ask you to wait in your car in the car-park and call us on arrival so please do not arrive too early –the front door will be locked. We will call you when we are ready and we will aim to take you straight through to the surgery and use the waiting room as little as possible( only for those who have to use bus or have to walk). This will enable us to maintain full social distancing, and also see those who are vulnerable and/or shielding.
  4. Drilling and ultrasonic cleaning procedures now are classed as Aerosol Generating Procedures ( AGPs) and require specialised PPE and for us to close the surgery room  for at least 60 minutes afterward so will be done in a slot at the end of a morning or afternoon only, we will try to do as much in a single session as possible as this PPE is in short supply.
  5. Thus simple cleans must be undertaken with hand-scalers only unless at the same time as a filling (AGP), and no polishing allowed again unless with a filling (AGP).
  6. We ask that no coats, handbags etc are brought in, please leave in the car, (but bear in mind we cannot be responsible for any of your personal belongings).
  7. Please try to use the toilet before you attend we are advised our facilities should only be used in an emergency.
  8. Please pay by card if possible – as you may not have your coat or bag, please remember your card!
  9. Reception has a screen and we ask patient to stand on the 2 meter social distancing marker on reception floor, please respect this.
  10. We will still discuss your needs then print you a treatment plan, but not get you to sign a copy for our records anymore( to minimise contact through pens etc). We will instead place on your notes a record saying ”Treatment plan discussed printed and given to patient to obtain valid consent. No signature during COVID restrictions was obtained”.

These may change due to new guidance and the ever changing nature of the current restrictions. You can be assured we will do everything in our power to keep you as safe as possible during your treatment with us.

Thank you again for your patience and continue custom with Colne View Dental Surgery Ltd

Best wishes

The Dental Team


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In an Emergency – Tel: 01206 302307

If you need to see the Dentist in an emergency please call the practice immediately.

If you have an emergency at the weekend please call the practice answer phone. This will give you information and contact details of the emergency Dentist on call.